Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pre Prep, Personal Statments and Dubstep

Not much to say so i'll keep it brief.
After being introduced to the grimey world of Dubstep i've been listening to Caspa and Rusko all day. Worked in the evening.

Yesterday, I helped mum on a school trip. Her class is made up entirely of 6 year old boys, who say things like:
'They have dragons in Wales..that's why they have one on the flag'
'All the old Kings were called George'
and 'Did Vikings live in anderson shelters?'

They also make you say stupid things like: 'Well, they didn't have polar bears in iron age Britain, so it's more likely to be a sheep skin'.

Anyway, that's it really.
Hope you're all well

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Luton,Farnham, Egham and the many trains inbetween

Not updated since Wednesday eh? Has it been that long? *sigh*

Well. On thursday nothing much happened during the day apart from seeing Speedy, then I went up to Cross Keys in the evening, met Seb and Speedy, got Duncan and one of his mates from Lloyds, then went to Luton and met Lizzy and Katie B at Chicago's. Turned out to be a pretty awesome night, £10 for entry and free drinks. Nice seeing them all as well.

On Friday I went down to Farnham, and went with Shob to one of her friend's birthday parties at a golf club which was allright, didn't stay too late as it ended at like 12. Left pretty early the next morning as well, so didn't get to spend any time alone with her as it was all either with her fam or at the party, but it was great to see her anyway.

On Saturday I went to the Royal Holloway open day which was good, the massive old founders building is amazing, and all the accomodation is pretty jazzy and new. Still a few more unis to see, but i've pretty much narrowed it down to 6/7 now.

Saturday night i just worked, hectic but tips were nice, and I worked today as well.

Tomorrow i'm helping mum on a school trip to the Chiltern Open Air museum which will hopefully turn out to be really fun, cause i'm really not looking forward to it. Looking after tiny children all day, oh well.

Anyway, i neeeeed sleep. Sorry for a pretty boring update, not much is going on. Almost everyone's gone to uni now, which kind of sucks. I mean I'm happy to be taking my gap year, but I'm still jealous that i'm not starting  now, feel i'm missing out on quite a bit. Guess i just need to get out enough, i'm sure i'll like it when i've got money (hopefully).

Anyway, that's about it really.
Cya. xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How the net aids dictatorships - TED talk

 Evgeny Morozov: How the Net aids dictatorships

Interesting food for thought. I'm not necessarily convinced, tbh I think there's valid arguments on both sides and all that remains is the universally acknowledged truth that the Internet is a powerful tool with potential that can be used for good and bad. This video does make you look at certain phenomena more deeply though (e.g. iranian twitter revolution).
Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fail day much?

So. Today i was rudely awoken by a builder asking for my parents mobile numbers, I then went on to not start my personal statement and play x box for several hours.

I spent £10 on a black shirt for work, which i needed (not because i'm a facist), leaving me even poorer. At work i just genrally broke and dropped things for a few hours, before recieving a few pounds in tips, and then taking out all the bin bags from the alley which had been there over a week and were covered in maggots. Fun fun fun. Upturn in luck please. I've been being extra nice to people in order to kick off some good karma. Really rather need it.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better. For now, youtube and sleep.

Hope your days were better, night y'all.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Lizzy, CVs and Universities..

Today i met up with Lizzy in sta, caught up before she goes off to Uni on Sunday. Then i handed out some CVs, still looking for a full time job, really want to get back into earning seeing as i've now got time on my hands.

Tonight I looked through all the courses i want to study, i'm now applying for International Relations, essentially a Politics course. While this is pretty exciting, it also means i'll have to write a whole new personal statement. Fun fun fun. Really need to get started on that.

Tbh that's about it for today. Apart from the fact i now have a gold ipod cover.

Excited about getting to see Shob on friday, haven't seen her for over a week. Masquerade party down in Surrey. =]

So, I'll leave you with some posts off Graphic Poetry (http://www.graphicpoetry.net), a site i found today on stumble and really like.

Hope you're all well

The first post

Wow, big day for my social life..online.

I'm now caught up with firefox, i have my twitter and facebook bar, and I've moved my blog from myspace (which i haven't used in months) to here.
Now that, is some damn fine procrastination.

It's past midnight, prime useless internet time.

Anyway, from here on in it's here that you'll find my ramblings, rants and a general useless stream of thoughts and diary-esque entries.

Hope you're all well.