Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Something worth writing about

The other day was Valentines. The best Valentines I've ever had, and this is why.

Tbh, I'd been a bit useless pre valentines. Didn't care much about what we did, cause I knew I was seeing shob and that was all that mattered really. I figured we'd go to a restaurant, possibly see a film, boom. Perfectly lovely date.

So, while this would usually be a fair view to take, it was valentines, and as a boyfriend I had yet to step up in terms of bringing the romance. So Shob took on the task. Aaaand smashed it.

She told me to dress warm and meet her at Waterloo at half 4. Already it's exciting.

I get there and she turns up encumbered with bags of stuff. And leads me to the South Bank, near the London eye. Up on the terrace of the national theatre, there were two rows of deck chairs, and a few people milling about. In honour of valentine's day the national theatre were projecting the black and white rom com 'The apartment' onto the side of a building, for free.

We sat in two of the deck chairs, and as it was getting dark, the place filled up. All of the 50 or so chairs were filled, then the floor in front of us, and the balconies, and up the sides. We were wrapped in blankets, protected from the rain by two umbrellas propped up between the chairs, we had Irish coffee and chocolate, and she'd brought flasks of soup, and sweets. All around us were couples huddled under umbrellas and blankets, staring up at the movie, that turned out to be really really good.

We left a little before the end, as my feet were actually painful with the cold, and sat inside, had soup, then went home.

The next day we went out for breakfast, and spent the rest of the day watching iplayer and looking through her old school photos. Generally messing about, and laughing tons

When I left, I felt so so confident in us. The certainty of us, of wanting us, hadn't been so strong for ages. Just knowing that there was no one else you'd rather be with, that you didn't want to leave, that you knew you were about to start days of missing someone. It was sad but brilliant. And definitely the best valentine's I've ever had.

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