Thursday, 4 February 2010

Yes it's a new blog.

I'm back again, after failing massively at any consistent, long term, regular blogging.
Although I've been facebooking, tweeting,formspringing, tumbling and being on msn..I feel my presence online has been somewhat lacking.

Anyway. I'm still here, still good. My exams went well, and I now have 2 unconditional offers and one conditional offer. I'm on a gap year, with a part time job that keeps me in a little cash. It's all good.

I'm loving getting to sleep in, and choosing how to spend my time. Need to get onto a job soon.

I'm suddenly completely at a loss to what to write here. I mean, what interests people? The tiny bits about my life? A general overview? The detail? My thoughts? A constant ramble about my feelings? I really don't know.

Starting to question whether there's any point in this, but..if people want it, or read it, here it is.
I hope you're all well.
I am.

Dear Love-
I hope Canada is beautiful.
I hope you rise to your feet
every time she sings her anthem.
I hope your hand is forever on your heart.
I hope your heart is forever safe.
Here at home
they are saying Obama
is not the saint we had hoped he’d be.
I wonder if you’d notice
that Michelle is still in love.
Love is the only war worth dying for, Derrick Brown

When the yearning for love haunted her,
taught her how heavy the hollows are,
how crippled a memory can make you.
How sometimes she cried so hard,
her throat blocks out all the noise
Jean Heath, Buddy Wakefield

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